Do I have anything interesting to say?

Probably not, but if you want to find out…here ya go!

I’ll probably ramble on about my writing, Scuba Diving, where I travel to with my other half (to Scuba Dive), my mutts (who don’t dive), and a plethora of other stuff that flitters through my head randomly.

Consider yourelves warned.

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  2. Katharina says:

    Hello, Andrea Bramhall,

    I have read, and liked reading, all of your books so far. It is a good thing, though, that I haven’t finished reading #2 of the Norfolk Coast Investigation Series before now, because I won’t have to endure the suspense of waiting for another thrilling investigation, the follow-up on the lives of Kate and Gina and their family and – hopefully! – the solution to the secret of who is Gina’s creepy admirer for quite as long as if I had gotten around to reading the book when it was out back in May! Thank you for writing not only a gripping mystery but also a compelling story of interpersonal relationships, love and essential ethics. Having my care dependent, deteriorating Mom reside in a nursing home, I know about the questions raised in this last book more than I am comfortable with…
    I am very much looking forward to reading #3, though, and wish you a good time and lots of success in writing – and the best of luck conquering your DDs!
    With kind regards from a German reader in Hamburg,

    • Hi Katharina,

      Thank you for your message. I’m sorry to hear about your mother, I know how difficult that must be for you. For me to it comes from very personal experience, both as a care professional and on the personal side.

      I hope you enjoy number 3 in December.

      Kind regards,


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  4. Bookgeek says:

    Oh wow, just read the excerpt of The Last First Time – totally brilliant, but not for the faint of heart. Now I have to wait for the release.
    I really really like the Norfolk series – realistic, gritty and wonderful characters.

  5. Laura Collier says:

    Hi Andrea,
    Just finished number 3 of your Norfolk series and can safely say that i am hooked!
    From having spent time in Norfolk as family have lived there for many years, it is brilliant to read, understand and be able to actually picture places that you write about.
    Please say that you will be writing a 4th book to satisfy my curiosity of the stalker situation.
    Keep up the great work
    Kind regards

    • Hi Laura,

      Thanks for getting in touch. I’m really glad you’re enjoying the series, and yup, I’m working on number 4 at the moment. It’s due for release later this year. I hope you enjoy that one as much as the earlier books.

      Take care,

  6. Kelly says:

    Hi Andrea,
    Loved (loved!) your latest book “Lost for Words” – only the second book of yours that I’ve read and v excited to see that you have many more books out there 🙂
    So many good points to this book (the Peter Pan quotes were just lovely and v touching) especially Fleur’s character (so funny)
    I think Fleur would have appreciated this from my mum’s service: – They ask you for several songs that they’ll play at certain points throughout the service. One of the songs we’d picked was “Firestarter” by the Prodigy (mum loved that song!), there was also a Michael Buble track in there too (Mum loved (fancied) him and his music!) and some Chas and Dave.
    They decided to play “Firestarter” as the welcoming track as we pulled up in the “main car” and it was blaring………..obv they hadn’t realised what the song sounded like and immediately turned it right down. I can look back on this now and laugh because mum would have properly loved that welcome (she’d have also found it funny that they’d not realised how loud/energetic that song is and got all flustered)
    Please keep up the writing and good luck with the two d’s.

  7. Wild Sue says:

    Have just binge read all three of the Norfolk books. Please tell me there will be more..
    Absolutely loved them!

  8. Dawn says:

    Where is #4?

  9. Karen Gutshall-Seidman says:

    When can we expect Kate and Gina back in book 4?

  10. Sandi McCallum says:

    Your novel The Last First Time was left open ended with readers not knowing who Gina’s stalker is. I think I know who it was but are there any plans to write a 4th book in this series?
    Greetings from North Carolina! Sandi

  11. Deanna S says:

    I know how life can get in the way, but what ever happened to book 4 of the Norfolk series. I really love the first 3 and noticed that back in 2018 you said the next one was due out soon. If it’s already out what’s the name of it?
    Actually love all your books but am really waiting with baited breath to find out who the creepy stalker is?? Can’t wait to read!!!!

  12. Norina Staples says:

    Hello Andrea I have just finished reading all 3 books of the Norfolk Investigation and reading above you said there was a fourth book, please can you tell me the name of the book and was it published as I cannot find it.

  13. Lisa m Devine says:

    Is book 4 of the Norfolk series done yet? I can’t wait to see what happens. Thank you so much for the great job you do. I’ve enjoyed several of your books.

  14. Val says:

    Just wondering what the name of the 4th book in the Norfolk detective series is called.

  15. christine tardy says:

    Hi Andrea, from a fan from France, please can you finish the 4th Norfolk books. I read the first three twice, so the suspense is killing me .Best regards

  16. Mandy says:

    Hi Andrea
    I have just listened to your three books in the Norfolk Coast Investigation Series and think they are brilliant. I love the characters and despite the 3rd one being hard to listen to in some parts, really enjoyed the stories.
    I see from a comment you made in 2018 that the fourth book was due for release. I can’t find it and wonder if it has been delayed and due out at a later date?

    • Hi Mandy,
      Sorry for the delayed response.

      I am working on the fourth book. Unfortunately life has thrown rather a lot at me the past few years and it’s taken a long, long time for me to finish. I am almost there. So hopefully not too much longer. Please bear with me a little longer and fingers crossed you hope it’ll be worth the wait!
      Kind regards,

      • Mandy says:

        Hi Andrea

        Thanks for your reply and fantastic that a fourth book is on it’s way 😊

        I do hope life is calming down for you and it’s a more gentle ride.

        Best wishes

  17. Rosangel says:

    Good morning. I am stuck literally, I just finished reading The Chameleon’s Tale. And I looked for the next book (because there must be, right? But I didn’t find it) I haven’t started reading another book because I can take The Chameleon’s Tale and what will happen next out of my head. So my question is: Is there a second book of Imogen and Amahle story? 😓

    • Hi Rosangel,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      I did originally plan a sequel for Imogen and Amahle, but I changed publishing houses between the completion and publication so it doesn’t seem like it will end up being a possibility the way things are at the moment.

      Perhaps in the future…



  18. Maddy says:

    I just read ‘lost for words’ and it was so good. Fleur is ❤. Sad to have her go. But the novel is 👍

  19. Ginny Hagopian says:

    I’ve just read and loved all 3 North Coast novels. And I’ve previously all of you books published with BSB. You are such a talented author.
    Will there be a 4th North Coast book?
    Thank you for sharing your stories.

    • Hi Ginny.

      Thank you for getting in touch, and for your lovely words.

      I am working on the fourth book. I promise. Life has taken me on a bit of a ride the last few years and writing has had to take a back seat, but I am back at it, and slowly plugging away. So hopefully not too much longer.



      • Ginny Hagopian says:

        Thanks for your reply. So glad to hear your writing is moving back toward the front seat.
        Hope “things” are settling and I definitely look forward to my next visit with the folks of Norfolk Coast.
        Best to you and yours,

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