Since this is my first blog, I figured I’d tell you a little bit about me.

So…I’m a girl – sorry – a woman. I’ve got long hair, and I am sooooo not going to tell you my vital statistics! I’m an Aquarian, and I suddenly feel like this is one of those dating website profiles. Enough of that.

Ladyfish Book CoverI write novels. Lesbian romances with intrigue, drama, and secrets. Ooooo!  My first novel, Ladyfish, was published by Bold Strokes Books this month, and my next novel, Clean Slate, is currently being sweated over by my wonderful, amazing, exceptionally talented editor. (You can pay me for that later, honey!) I’ll give you details about the release when I get them.

Other stuff about me…erm, I play the saxophone and the guitar. I take lots and lots of photographs. Some of them are pretty good – but not all of them. I’m sure I’ll subject…I mean delight you with them at some point. I have two Collie dogs. Merlin and Jazz. They already have their own blog click here if you want to see that. They’re way more interesting than I am. They don’t come Scuba Diving with me, but pretty much everywhere else. They are access all area’s dogs, with VIP passes.

I don’t know what else you’d like to know…so if you want to know anything, ask. You can find me on twitter, or you can face friend me on the book.

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4 Responses to ME!!!!!

  1. vvantiem says:

    You need a link to buy your book! And pages set up that give us some info on them! :0)

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