I came across this quote a little while ago and it’s been licking around my head ever since…

‘Let your dreams be bigger than your fears, and your actions louder than your words.’

Pretty? Yes.

Inspirational? Yes.

Words to live by? I started to think about this. Can I really dream bigger than the fears I hold onto? Can I stop talking and wishing about the things I want to change in my life, in myself, and actually do it?

Recently, I had an opportunity to face my greatest fear. Now we aren’t talking about scaling Everest, or bungee jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. We aren’t even talking about Skydiving. My greatest fear was seeing someone…facing someone who still had a lot of power over me. From my childhood. Someone who has given me nightmares from being a little girl.

It only took a moment. A singular meeting of our eyes. Words weren’t even necessary.

But in that moment I saw that my Boogieman was afraid off me now. That I hadn’t been broken by anything they’d done to me. That I was stronger than they ever knew.

My dreams were to be free of these nightmare chains. But my fear held me fast in them. Looking into the fearful eyes of my Boogieman…I couldn’t be scared anymore. My dream became realised and greater than my greatest fear. My actions…were louder and stronger than any words I could have spoken.

I was there.

I survived.

I grew strong.

My dream is stronger than my fear.

My actions are louder than my words.

My Boogieman…vanquished.

So, words to live by? For me…hell yes!

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