Oh, I got hit with the Seventh Meme tag!!!!!

Okay. I got hit with the 7-77-7 tag. You know the one. You have to go to page 7 or 77 of a WIP, go down 7 lines, copy the next 7 here, then pass the meme on to 7 other writers.

Yvonne Hiedt, fellow author at Bold Strokes Books did the honours and slapped my upside the head for this one. Thanks Yvonne!

So, on I’ll get on with it…

My current WIP is called Clean Slate and is due to be released by BSB in summer 2013.

            “Hi, can I help you?” The nasal voice of the receptionist carried easily over any noise in the waiting area.

            “I’m looking for Morgan Masters. Someone called and said she’d been brought in.”

            “Are you a family member?”

“I’m her wife.” She felt no need to tell her that Morgan and she were divorcing. It was none of her business. Right now the doctors required consent from next of kin, and that was her until the divorce was finalised.


So, now I have to do my duty and nominate seven other lucky writers for the treat…here goes.

L.t. Marie, Carri Hunter, I. Beacham, Rebekah Weatherspoon, Kev Troughton, Syd Parker, and Gill McKnight.

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