I’m excited! Why you ask? Well, it’s quite simple. I’m going away for a week. A holiday up in the Lake District. Hiking, good food, stunning views, maybe a little rock climbing. And relaxing. I’m planning in a lot if that.

Here’s our plan…

On Saturday morning we’re heading for Buttermere. After depositing the car Louise, Jazz, Merlin, and I will be heading up Haystacks. One of my favourite mountains in the Lake District. We plan to camp at Innominate Tarn (small lake) over night, and hope that the night is clear so I can get some good photographs. I’ll post them if they turn out well. Cooking over the camp stove, freezing my arse off over night, and then after a breakfast of chocolate flavoured porridge we’re heading off again. Sundays hike should take us over Seat, Red Pike, Starling Dodd, and then we get to chose one of three options. and those would be whether we camp at Bleaberry Tarn over night, keep going to Great Borne, or start down the ridge and camp by Scales Force, one of the biggest waterfalls (and one of the most picturesque) in the UK. I’ll let you know as the final decision will depend on the weather. Monday morning we’ll then head back to Buttermere village and if we’re feeling…alive still, we’ll walk over Robinson to a cottage we have booked for the rest of the week. If we’re dead…a taxi shall be called. Lets hope they answer!?!?

The rest of the week will have lots of day hikes, Blencathra is top of my list for one day, and probably a fair bit of shopping in Keswick.

Now I know you’re probably thinking we’re mad…wild camping…in the UK…in early March…with snow in the air. And you might be right. But there is nothing quite like being at the top of a mountain pretty much on your own, looking out across the rest of the world–well as far as the eye can see anyway. It’s peaceful, relaxing, and it helps to restore something in my soul. Something that is important in ways I’m not sure I even fully understand. It’s the same feeling I get under the water. I never feel more connected to the world than when I’m alone with my thoughts in such beautiful surroundings. I feel like I belong up there, and I’m happy.


This was me trying out the new tent on the campsite on Monday. Merlin’s not sure about tent living…and Jazz has to have her own coat now. She’s getting on a bit now and feels the cold–but don’t tell her she’s getting old!

So when I get back I’ll fill you in on all the details and show you some of the pictures.

See you next week…

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