States of Independence

On Saturday I attended the States if Independence event at DeMontford University in Leicester with Vic Oldham and Amy Dunne.


Yes, I know it’s blurry…that’s why it’s small!

We had loads of great BSB books to sell–and we even sold some of them! Vic also moderated a panel on LGBTQ literature and whether or not there is still a need for it. The panel consisted of Gregory Woods, Russell Christie, Amy Dunne and me bringing up the rear.


The debate was…lively to say the least. It became somewhat heated and intense at points with the argument about labelling oneself a lesbian writer or a writer who is also a lesbian was definitely a hot topic. Opinions and passions in the audience ran pretty hot on this subject more than any other, and those opinions were decidedly mixed. It was very interesting to see where everyone fell on the spectrum.

We also talked to a huge amount of people and spread the good word about the BSB UK event in Nottingham in June. I’m looking forward to it even more this year…and I’m hoping I won’t be shaking quite as much as I was last year!

Oh did I mention that I signed another copy of Ladyfish? No? How remiss of me. Let me show you a picture to make up for the over sight! Heehee.


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