Early mornings, traffic jams, and pipes…

Today has been a long day. And I do mean a long day! Last night I had trouble sleeping…to the extent that I was still staring at the clock at 3 am. And I had to be up at 5…yeah yeah, stop yelling–I know that’s an ungodly hour…I know there aren’t supposed to be two of then in a day…but much to my surprise, and dissatisfaction, they’re are!

I know you’re probably wondering why the hell I had to be up at 5. Well it’s simple, I was going on a course…on the other side of London. Almost four hours away. Yay! That was sarcastic, in case you missed it.

So, Greg and myself set off following google maps directions…very accurate I might add…no directional issues at all! 😁

The only teeny tiny little problem we had was the hour and a half tailback on the car park the nations calls the M25 London ring road. Not bad for a Tuesday morning after the bank holiday! Trust me…that really wasn’t bad. No sarcasm involved at all there. 😳

The course we were, I should say are as it lasts all week, is a plumbing course. Stop laughing! I mean it…it’s not that funny! *crossing my arms and tapping my foot while you gain control of yourself again….

If you’re quite finished?

Thank you.

So, the plumbing course…don’t start again…involves Greg and myself learning the basics of plumbing, dealing with leaks, emergency repairs, installing simple hardware…I don’t know how simple installing and outside tap, bathroom, and kitchen sinks are supposed to be…we’ll see I guess.

Stop laughing! I left my girlie tools at home…including the silver girl sized drill…this week I’m using big boy tools! And I already broke a nail! Lol!

I’ve also learned tons already. How to install and external tap. Repair leaks. All about compression valves and pipes. Go me! *doing a little happy dance…yeah okay, enough of that.

On with plumbing…erm…that was it for today. More to follow tomorrow…


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