Pipes continued….

Today’s plumbing lesson was interesting, informative, and we learned the most important lesson for all plumbers…how to make a proper cup of tea!

Just kidding.

It was soldering we concerntrated on this morning. So blow torches at the ready…


We were just told to get used to handling the hot stuff without burning our fingers off and try different types of couplings and joints…is it just me or does this sound a bit…erm…suggestive to you too?

Anyway, this was my creation…


Some days you have to blow your own trumpet. Stop laughing. I can hear you, you know! R.U.D.E!

Moving on…

We also covered taps–I’ve taken apart and reassembled more taps today than I…I have no idea, but there were bloody loads of them–toilets, basins, waste pipes, plastic pipes, and some other stuff that I’ll probably remember as soon as I publish this blog but I can’t remember right now! Lol!

I seem to have gone from days with very little to do, to days where I have so many different projects going on it is starting to scare me, yet I seem to keep volunteering myself for more! I think I’m giving up sleep again this year.

What do you think the chaces are of it keeping me out of trouble?

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