Plumbing, the final episode…

…for training anyway!

So, yesterday we took everything we had learned from the whole week and put it all into practice. We had to utilise our imaginations and pretend that the wall was actually a house, and plumb in all the appliances. Radiator(s), heated towel rail, basin, toilet, bath…run it as though it was through a boiler for the hot water and central heating. The whole shebang really…just on a smaller scale.

So over breakfast, Greg and I drew up a plan, working in my Grandad’s saying ‘plan your work, then work your plan’.

Said plan.

We added a couple of bits to it, one was ‘where’s the arc?’, and Greg is not to go near the blow torch.

Nuff said.

Just kidding.

When we got into the workshop we got straight to work.

Progress was steady, and neat…


Use your imaginations….it’s a house!


Journey back home included a fair sit on the car park otherwise known as the M25, but the rest of the trip was pretty good. I think I might have made Greg deaf with my singing…he used to be an Adele fan. But I think I may have ruined that for him now. 😁

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