Just a little soething that keeps going round my mind…


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2 Responses to Circles….

  1. Ashley Dyer says:

    Followed a link on face book, don’t really know why, but you know when something catches your eye, and seemed to draw you in. Forgive me but I did not know about Andrea Bramhall until today, and seems like a fate happening? The tipi competition, the story naming character that sounded so much like a secret episode in my mum’s life, and we too have a dog named Merlin. Odd, coincidence? don’t know. Just though I would share.

    Ashley Dyer

    • Ashley,

      Wow! Coincidence indeed. Thank you for your kind words and good luck with the competition. I hope to welcome you to Deepdale at some point in the future. It sounds like your mum had a story or two to tell of her own.


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