The muse really is flowing lately…

My Demons
Are the sceptres that call from the dim and darkened past,
I have given them many names over the years,
But there is one title my monsters cannot claim…
They have never,
Been my friend.

My confusion
Is the shadow of decisions I don’t know how to make,
I have gone backwards and forwards, and back again,
But there is one thing about which I am not confused…
I know,
Without doubt,
That I love…and am loved.

My soul
Has a piece that’s missing.
This hollow, this void, this space…
But there’s a place I know I can find it…
That will fill me up,
Make me whole,

My heart
Misses a beat every once in a while.
A murmur, a skip, a bunny hop out of time.
But that’s okay, that’s alright…
Because it catches up,
And carries on
One beat at a time.

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