First draft complete…

Sitting at my laptop doing a little happy dance!

Today…just now in fact…I finished the first draft of Nightingale. 98,593 words of first draftness is now spewing out of the printer so that I can examine it, ponder it–then rewrite some of it.

I already know a chapter or two that need to be almost completely rewritten, and more than a few others that need some changes, some more details here and there, and there’s even a character who still needs a name, people!

On that note if you haven’t entered the Nightingale Tipi competition yet–firstly, why not? Go to If you have–cool! Thank you! The draw is on the 9th of June as part of the BSB UK book festival!

And look what I got this week too…


Awesome cover or what!

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2 Responses to First draft complete…

  1. I love the cover! & congratulations on finishing your first draft. xx

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