I know, I know….

….it’s been ages. Sorry about that. But summer hits and the campsite goes bonkers. Truly, totally, utterly bonkers.

However, I’ve managed to get myself a weekend pass for good behaviour, so I’m heading up north. Why, I hear you ask. Well…I’m attending the UK GLBT Fiction meet in Manchester.

Details here… http://ukglbtfictionmeet.co.uk/

Have a looksee.

I won’t be the only BSB representative either. Cari Hunter shall be in attendance and is putting her two pennorth in on a panel about being a British without in a US dominated market. They’ve called it ‘leave our OU alone’.

Also doing her thing is Vic Oldham. She’ll be listening to pitches from budding authors and generally doing other editory and official stuff.

I’m planning to kick back, chat to a few people, go to some of the workshops and panels, and generally have a great time.

So, you have been warned.

Manchester, here I come!

Details of the meet to follow. 😁

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