Gran Bramhall’s Recipe for Delicious Characters – a guest blog by Andrea Bramhall

I’m guest blogging over at the UKlesfic blog today. Thanks Tig and Cari for the invitation to tell everyone about my Grans secret recipe for delicious characters…

UK Lesbian Fiction

cleanslateSo, Clean Slate, my second novel, has just been released by Bold Strokes Books. It is the story of Morgan and Erin Masters. At the beginning of the book Morgan suffers a terrible head injury and loses twenty years of her memories. The effects of this memory loss are at times hilarious, heartbreaking, and shocking. There have been times throughout the writing process where I have cried, laughed, and then cried some more. And then I cried laughing.

I have blogged quite a lot lately about the inspiration behind Clean Slate and why it has urged me to pledge half of the royalties I earn from Clean Slate to a local charity, but if you want to know more about that you can check out this blog here.

Instead I thought I’d talk about my ‘evolution’ as a writer. Big words, hey? Well, that’s part of it…

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