Andrea Bramhall Ponders Holiday Meaning

Bold Strokes Books, UK



Andrea Bramhall, author of Ladyfish, Clean Slate, and the forthcoming Nightingale and Swordfish (she’s a machine!) gives us something to think about during this holiday season. And remember you can meet Andrea at the Bold Strokes Book Festival in Nottingham in June!




Sooooooooo, editor extraordinaire, Vic Oldham, asked for ‘volunteers’ to write a blog for Christmas.  I didn’t want to risk the arm twisting so soon after surgery on my shoulder, so here I am.

I pondered long and hard on what I’d write about, what you might find interesting, amusing, and/or informative. I’m drawing a blank. I don’t think you want to know about my dog going to the groomer, or my mother-in-law’s carol concert we’re going to this evening, and I’m not telling you what I got Louise for Christmas because she’ll probably read this and it would ruin the surprise…

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