Collide-O-Scope Released!!!!

That’s it. The wait is over and you can now buy my new book, Collide-O-Scope!

An unidentified woman is found murdered on the North Norfolk Coastal Path and newly promoted Detective Sergeant Kate Brannon and Kings Lynn’s CID have the task of figuring out whom, how, and why. A job that’s made more difficult when everyone of the forty residents in the village has something to hide and answers her questions with a string of lies.

Georgina Temple has her own secrets to keep, and her own reasons to keep them. But her growing attraction to Kate makes it increasingly difficult to keep them.

Kate’s investigation into the woman’s death delves into the heart of the tiny fishing village where nothing and no one is quite what they seem.

One bloody twist and the whole landscape's changed

One bloody twist and the whole landscape’s changed

It’s already getting some pretty cool reviews.

Jem over on Goodreads said “This is a very well-written and carefully plotted police procedural. There is an elaborate and believable mystery that had me guessing till late in the book. Meaty characters abound–both good guys and bad and an endearing kid who could ‘grow up to be either a criminal or a cop’ ;). Lead investigator Kate is as dogged and smart as she’s supposed to be and the other cops are no slouches either. I had fun trying to puzzle things out.”

And Tiff said “What makes this book really good is that it’s realistic. You feel like all the pieces are 100% plausible. Never did I feel like the author was grabbing at straws or making things too convenient for the cops or the killer. As the story unfolded all I could think is yeah I’m pretty sure this could happen in real life. This is a police crime drama with a side of romance. The romance unfolds in a way that was sweet and perfect for this book. Kate and Gina, while instantly have a spark, they also dance around each other enough to keep the reader guessing will they or not ever find their way to each other. Great book by an author that always delivers!”

Certainly made my day when I saw those lovely comments.

Click here to go to Ylva’s website and get your copy now. Hope you enjoy it!

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