New Book Launch By Lambda Award Winning Author

Yesterday was awesome. The sun shone, beer flowed, people came, the BBQ claimed no lives, and I’ve even seen a snippet of a video clip on Facebook! The architect of that little stunt will be made to suffer, don’t worry. Regardless, I think we can safely say that the book launch for Collide-O-Scope was a roaring success!

One lady even came all the way from Italy just for this event! Wow. There were a lot of people who came quite a distance, from Glasgow, London, Germany (wink,wink), Cambridge, Suffolk, and more. Talk about flabbergasted.


We had a short reading, then a lovely walk along the Coastal Path to look at some the scenery that inspired the story, before we stopped at the local pub for a drink. The BBQ followed and I think it’s safe to say we all had a pretty good time.

Thank you to everyone who came. It was truly lovely to meet you all. I feel like I made some great new friends. Now I’ve just got to hope they all enjoy the Collide-O-Scope!

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