Cassandra ‘Cassie’ Finnsbury has spent almost twenty-five years running for her life, hiding from everyone who knew her and hoping it was enough to keep her daughter safe. When she learns that she no longer has to run, she is determined to find Daniela again and hires private investigator Bailey Davenport, a retired FBI agent, who is more than up to the task. Bailey finds nothing more irresistible than a mystery and a challenge, and in Cassie, she finds both.

Can Bailey find the key to unlock more than just Cassie’s secrets?

Finn and Oz are pulled into the world of extremists and must keep their wits about them to survive a deadly game of cat and mouse while Finn’s growing need to find the mother she believed dead takes her on a roller-coaster journey.

Swordfish is the follow up to my earlier novel Ladyfish and is available from all the usual sources and on audiobook too!



3 Responses to Swordfish

  1. Miya says:

    Love the book, is there going to be another one in the series????

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